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History Chip is a revolutionary platform where the stories of anyone and everyone are celebrated as vital pieces of history. When you add stories to History Chip, you’re helping to transform the history of our world into a people’s history - one that is told from the ground up by including the stories of the 99%. The more stories added to History Chip, the richer and more complete will be our understanding of history. All of these stories will be fully searchable, thus ensuring their inclusion into our history, for researchers and curious readers alike.

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Stemming from two main options, users can easily contribute and explore stories.

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History Chip offers the option to perform a quick search through our entire archive starting with just one word. Not sure what you're in the mood for? Filter through random stories with our shuffle option or choose from some of the most recently added. More browsing experiences are in the works so stay tuned!

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With just a simple form, you can submit your story to the archive including photographs, videos and audio recordings. Tag it with as many keywords as you'd like to help build a comprehensive search capability. Stumped on what to write? Explore the writing tools such as the daily prompts, games and more!


Congratulations on your site rebranding and best of luck on your crowdfunding event. Having contributed to your site in the past, I am grateful for the opportunity to have my stories preserved for future generations in a cultural and historical context. I hope that future researchers, academics and just plain folks might come upon contributors’ posts and come away with a better understanding of the world in which we lived and our small place in it. Thank you for that.
— Charles Micelli
History Chip is an important and awesome archive of all of us! We can gain perspective and insight about familiar events and learn about others- adding a richness to the fabric of our lives. I found myself mesmerized in the process of hearing and reading these offerings!
— Mary Spalding O'Meara
I've lived 8 1/2 lives of my nine so far and they have been exciting, global, and unusual. I don't usually write about myself, even though people often say I should. I think History Chip sounds like a perfect place to share some of them with people who want a picture of real life in our times..
— Jack Siler