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1954 | Lisbeth Leonard
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Title: 1954 Author: Lisbeth Leonard Creation Date: 11/28/12 Location: Southbury, CT Tags: #1954 #walmsley #stolers #toys #miniaturecars #sundaypapers #punishment #honor #parents #children #sentences Content: One day on Walmsley when I had been out, I came in to hear an unusual scurrying in the new loft bedroom. When I went up to check, Doug and Dan age about 8 and 6 looked guilty and when I asked what was up, they sheepishly produced a collection of miniature cars. When I heard their explanation we parked the cars in a box and marched over to Stolers. Bill met me at the door and I explained what had happened. He immediately took over – scolded the boys about their honor and parents and required them to sort through the Sunday papers to make it up, and I left it up to them to honor their sentence. And so they did so well that when they had finished their sentences – they were hired for quite some time.