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Legacy of John Mc Donald

John H. Mc Donald was born on November 11, 1919 in Jonah, Texas. This day being Veterans Day was cause for a double celebration. His daughter Pa...

Dub Ramsel | 2011

 One time I called Mr. Carl about a pen of feed lot calves that I ran across that were too heavy for my order most of the packers at this tim...

Dub Ramsel | 2012
Sheep and goat Business in Williamson County

Before the big drought of the 1950's a lot of California Bur clover covered the pastures west of I.H. 35 in Williamson County. This clover was s...

Dub Ramsel | 2012

I began buying cattle on a commercial basis in the early 1960's after my feed lot business began losing money. I had inherited customers from Le...

Dub Ramsel | 2010
Cow Dealing with Lavoy Tubbs

It was August of 1963, and it was hot and dry, a condition that is not unique to Williamson County, Texas. All of the pastures were mostly barre...

Dub Ramsel | 2010
Dairying In Williamson County

Photographs of Dub Ramsel and his involvement with dairy farming in Texas are available on the Williamson County Historical Commission web site....

Dub Ramsel | Jan 09, 2020

It was July of 1955. Williamson County was suffering from the worst drought in history - Everything looked like a desert. The North and South Sa...

Dub Ramsel | Jan 09, 2020
Dub Ramsel Talks About his Stories

These stories cover a period from early 1950s to the late eighties. These stories have come from my memory with an occasional quote from some Wi...

Dub Ramsel | 2011

There were two full time horse traders in Georgetown when I arrived to the County in 1952. Fred Perry lived and had his lot on University Avenue...

Dub Ramsel | 2012